WP2: Airborne radioactivity monitoring networks


Start month: June 2014, end month: March 2017

The aim of this work package is to determine best practice for the calibration and operation of airborne radioactive contamination detection instrumentation used by nuclear facilities and incident first responders to detect airborne releases in the near field and for instrumentation used by national monitoring networks to detect remote radioactive releases using high volume air samplers. Research will also be performed to enable the optimisation of radiochemical methods for the determination of radioactivity deposited filters and its automation using the ARS IIe radiochemical separation system.

Task 2.1: Review of instruments and methods in use for airborne radioactivity monitoring.
Task 2.2: Development of novel and improved instrumentation for airborne radioactivity for field-station use.
Task 2.3: Evaluation of detector performance and development of instrumentation used for spectrographic analysis of airborne radioactivity.
Task 2.4: Background level estimation and correction methods for gamma-spectrometry.
Task 2.5: Determination of the airborne activity of alpha and beta emitting radionuclides by radiochemistry techniques.