WP1: Dose rate monitoring networks


Start month: June 2014, end month: March 2017

The aim of this work package is to improve the harmonisation of the measured dose rate data from monitoring systems installed in European early warning network stations. Currently dose rate data from different European countries are not easily comparable due to the diversity of dose rate monitoring systems resulting from different national policies and choices of technology. European countries report area dose rate data to a central data base operated by the European Commission. Hence, comparability of the data is crucial for a meaningful interpretation of the data, not only in the event of a nuclear accident with trans‑boundary implications, but also for the correct interpretation of the data measured under conditions which prevail in the natural environment.

Task 1.1: Review of dose rate monitoring instruments and methods.
Task 1.2: Development of novel and improved dose rate instrumentation for field-station use.
Task 1.3: Dose rate and contamination level calculation and validation of spectrometry data.
Task 1.4: Data analyses of spectrometry data.
Task 1.5: Background level estimation and correction methods.
Task 1.6: Influence of radon progeny concentrations on dose rate detectors.